3 Great Recipes for St. Patrick’s Day Leftovers

Let’s face the facts. Even the Queen of the Meal Planning Universe can get stumped on how to use up leftovers from time to time. This week, we have a few great ideas that can make standard St. Patrick’s Day leftovers into a week-long adventure through Ireland! You waste less, save more, spend less time cooking - an all around win!

3 Great Recipes for St. Patrick's Day Leftovers (Corned Beef Hash from Food Network) at Favado.com/blog

1. Corned Beef Hash! When the Corned Beef and Cabbage have parted ways, here’s a fast solution to breakfast AND to clearing that last pound of corned beef from the fridge. Hint: you can use leftover potatoes instead of fresh potatoes to make this recipe even faster!

2. Colcannon! Can’t get your kids to eat kale or cabbage? We’re pretty sure you can if you mix it into creamy mashed potatoes. Use leftover ham, bacon, and cabbage to make this old Irish standard into something extra flavorful.

3. Shepherd’s Pie! When the corned beef has officially left the building, use the leftover potatoes from both dishes listed above to make the cheesy top of this delicious comfort food. Let the leftover revival begin!

With new ideas for getting the most from your meals, we know you’ll be inspired when it’s time to plan, shop, and cook this week! Slainte!