New Design, New Features to Explore ~ Update Now to Favado 2.0!

New Design, New Features to Explore ~ Update Now to Favado 2.0!
We are pleased to announce that this morning Favado has launched Version 2.0 for iOS! Over the past few months, we’ve listened to your feedback and ideas, and we’ve now made Favado easier to use and more fun than ever.

Here are some of the new features of Favado 2.0:

Product Images

This has always been our most requested feature, and we’re finally able to make it a reality! No more guessing at what a product looks like when you’re searching for it on the store shelves.

New Design, New Features to Explore ~ Update Now to Favado 2.0!

Trending Sales

Favado is an app that’s powered by people. Our “Trending” view shows you the sales at your favorite store, sorted by the number of times they’ve been added to users’ shopping lists. The best deals are at the top, saving you time and money!

New Design, New Features to Explore ~ Update Now to Favado 2.0!

Instant Coupons

With Favado 2.0, you can start saving in a whole new way with load to card coupons. With the click of a button, you can beam coupons onto your loyalty store reward cards with no clipping or printing required.

New Design, New Features to Explore ~ Update Now to Favado 2.0!
We hope that you will enjoy the new design and experience with Favado 2.0. Update your app now!


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Who Wins the Big Game – Seattle, New England or YOU?


Favado is Rooting for YOU to Score Big Savings on Game Day Snacks & Treats!!! 

We've got some dueling recipes to share with you this week, as we prepare to watch the Seahawks and the Patriots put it all out on the field in this year's Super Bowl game. Favado is really just in it for the savings on all your game day treats...and the commercials too!

Be sure to check Favado to save big on all the goodies you'll be munching on this year.


New England

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In the end, we know YOU will be the biggest winner of this year's Big Game!

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25 Game Day Recipes

25 Game Day Recipes at







Download Favado to Save on Groceries

#MyFavado – Monica

#MyFavado - Monica saves 60% on Every Grocery Shopping Trip Using Favado

Monica shares her savings goal for each and every shopping trip and how she uses the app to reach that goal. 

A few years ago, I had to leave a job and career I loved because of an illness. Disability pay is so tough on my family, but I had to do the best I could to make ends meet. Favado is one of those ways I have chosen to use . . .

Before I do any shopping, I check Favado first. I have a goal of saving 60% of EACH shopping trip - i.e., groceries, etc. Favado has helped me reach my goals, and I'll be increasing my goal from 60% to 70% for 2015. Couldn't have done it without Favado!

Thanks for making it so easy to save money for my family of 6!

Monica's #MyFavado Savings Secret

My favorite secret with Favado probably isn't a secret. But, I love how it shows me what the sale is and which coupons I should use to get the lowest price.

I also love the feature where you can search for an item and the app will show you the best price nearby.

Share your #MyFavado Story and be entered to win $1,000 in our #MyFavado Story Sweepstakes! 

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#MyFavado – How Ashli Uses Favado to Offset Medical Expenses

How Ashli Uses Favado to Offset Medical Expense

This is a story shared by Ashli, an app user who is making a tough financial situation a little easier to manage thanks to saving money on groceries with Favado. Warning: It's touching and inspirational. 

By using Favado, we are healing my special needs son's health issues.

Let me explain.

Each month his medical expenses for Autism and Lyme disease are $3,000. By using Favado to save money on our groceries and household items, we free up even more money for his therapies, medications, and other needs. Every penny matters.

We hope by increasing the amount we can use for Josh, that by the time he turns 6, this year, he will finally be able to speak. He has not spoken since he was 2 1/2. I long to hear mommy, I love you, and even just a simple yes or no. For Joshua to be able to communicate, we have to save where we can so we can put it towards his needs. By couponing and using Favado, we have been able to lower our grocery bill. And that is a priceless gift...the gift of health care for our precious little warrior.

How Ashli Uses Favado

I am able to look up deals prior to our grocery trips. I make a list of essentials that we will need for the week and then use Favado to find where our dollar will go the furthest. Although many times this means multiple grocery store trips, it means we will have more available money to help our son.

The other thing I love about my Favado app is the grocery list option! Once I have all my deals selected, I can email my list and print it out. I love that it categorizes it by store so it makes shopping at each place... easy peasy.

Favado also features all my favorite stores! I love that!! I can specify which ones I need to shop at that day and it will only show me those deals for those stores! I can limit the amount of stores and then look and see which ones are the cheapest for our family!

Annnndddd... It shows me what coupons are out there and where to get them!!! How awesome, right? Favado has made couponing and saving money for our family so
simple, easy, and best of all, efficient!!! I love my Favado! Thank you Favado, for being a part of our sons recovery and our family's future!!

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#MyFavado – How Kimberleigh Saves For Her Family of 8

#MyFavado - How Kimberleigh Saves For Her Family of 8 at

Kimberleigh, an avid Favado user shares, she has some wise words on how to save on groceries.

Favado has helped me save up to 50% on my weekly groceries which is A LOT for our 8 person household! It makes planning my grocery shopping trips so much easier. With Favado, I am able to spend less time doing research on weekly sales and less time trying to go through my coupons and create match ups to find the best possible savings. The app does everything for you.

It also allows me to compare prices at different stores all in one place. No more scattered messes on my table, no more ads getting torn up by my curious toddlers! And the best part is, that it allows me to spend more time with my family because I'm not constantly searching for the best deals, which as any couponer knows, can take up a good part of an entire day!

I love that it gives me the weekly sale prices as well as the breakdown on which coupons to use to get the best final price after sale and coupons. All I have to do is search for the items my family will consume and add it to my list. Then, I print out my list, head to the store without guessing, and voila! Head home, put groceries away and get started on dinner and family time! THANK YOU FAVADO!

Kimberleigh's Savings Tip

My #1 secret to saving money at the grocery store is to keep track of what's in season and what is not. I also try to know the sales cycles, and when items are at my stock up price, I will buy enough to get us through to the next time the sale cycles around so as not to pay more "in a rush." Also have to do price comparisons to all stores to make sure there isn't a better deal somewhere else.

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#MyFavado – “That’s a Life Skill They Don’t Teach You in School!”

#MyFavado - "That's a Life Skill They Don't Teach You in School!" Share your story and enter to win $1,000 in the #MyFavado Sweepstakes!

I discovered Favado one day out of the blue. This app was made for newbies like me, who never used to look at price tags to appreciate the beauty of savings. Favado tells you exactly what to get, when to get it, and where to get it to maximize savings. It is so convenient! I used to be happy saving $1 on an item. Now I don’t shop until I can map out a total saving of at least 70% before I go to the grocery store.

I remember the first time trying out Favado. I was standing in CVS with my book of coupons and Favado opened on my phone; I was determined to save big. Everything was mapped out in my head, but I was so nervous. I knew what I needed to get but felt that I was going miss something and it wouldn’t work out. When I finally pulled the cart up to the register, it was judgment time. The cashier was so nice; she was very willing to help me. She scanned the items slowly so that I could review them. After all items were entered, the total amount due started dropping rapidly. It was such a rush! I ended up with a savings of 85% and ExtraCare bucks to spare. 

I cleared my shopping list on Favado on my way out and thought, “That’s a life skill they don’t teach you in school!”

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#MyFavado – Anita’s Savings Success

Enter the #MyFavado Savings Story Sweepstakes!

Anita, an avid Favado user, shares her story about how the app has helped her save big using coupons!

My Favado story starts about 6 months ago. A lady I know told me about Favado and we were talking about the necessity of price comparing in the city we live in, just to get by.

With 3 children who all have auto immune diseases and a husband who recently developed serious health issues, I really need to monitor both my time and money spending closely.

Before Favado, I was spending four dollars a week, that's $208.00 a year, buying 2 Sunday papers every week because we live in rural southern Illinois and have to get part of our ads in one paper and part in the other one.

Favado has allowed me to have more time with my family and less time trying to match ads to coupons to save the most and has done it more efficiently than I ever did before.

This last trip I saved $194 on a $317 shopping trip by matching ads with coupons and I was able to buy NAME BRAND ITEMS!!!

No, it's not the cure for all of life's troubles, but it sure helps me live life better thanks!

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#MyFavado – Michelle’s Story

#MyFavado - Michelle's Story - Enter the #MyFavado Savings Story Sweepstakes!

Michelle is one of Favado's Experts in charge of sharing the prices and coupons that show up in Favado for the Albertson's and Stater Bros. grocery stores. She can be found blogging at

Favado is hands down my favorite app.  This is a great tool for everyone, not just extreme couponers.  Who doesn’t want to save money on groceries?  Favado allows us to find the BEST DEALS on grocery, household and drug store items, without having to worry with clipping coupons.  Let’s face it, even I have weeks that I don’t want to deal with them!  Plus, it’s so easy to use, I’ve even taught my children how to use it!  I’m saving money and teaching them to save along the way.

My favorite feature is the deal search feature.  I have people ask me all the time ‘where is the best deal on ‘x’’ or ‘I have this coupon, where is the best place for me to use it?’.  I get excited when I receive these questions, because I know that I can use my Favado app and find the answer right away!  Not only do I find the best deal, it compares the prices among all of the stores I shop.  This allows me to also factor in convenience, my time, and whether or not I have coupons to use.

I also love that when I make an unplanned trip to the store, I can easily pull out my Favado app and see if there are any great deals to take advantage of while I’m there.  Even when I go to the store prepared with my list, I still look at my app to see if anything has popped up that I might have missed.  The app shows the top deals, and they change based on user votes!  If something is trending, it moves to the top.  Unadvertised deals are sometimes also added as they are found, which make for nice surprises (and savings).  I use my Favado app every single day!

Share your #MyFavado Story and be entered to win $1,000!

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Michelle Pannek is the founder of, former CPA and now mom to 5 lively boys, including triplets! She learned to save time and money by shopping smarter and by using coupons. She started to teach others do the same. She is here to help YOU maximize your savings and lower your out of pocket costs.