Follow Grocery Store Sales Cycles to Save Thousands

Grocery stores and manufacturers work hard to push out their best sale prices to you on a weekly basis through their store circulars. If you follow the prices closely, you'll notice that most products go on sale every 8 to 12 weeks. Some products will be "loss leaders" and will be on sale for just that week, while others will be on sale for a few weeks before rotating "off sale." You should expect to see sale prices return on that particular product 8 to 12 weeks after it's last sale finished.

Loss Leaders

Loss leaders are items that the grocery store is taking a loss on, but they use them to get you into the store where you'll purchase other items to make up for their loss. Strategically purchasing loss leaders and stocking up when they are on sale can help you shave hundreds of dollars

Product Families & Store Promotions

Often times a grocery store will run a special promotion (save $5 when you buy 10 of these items) for a product family. Be sure to take advantages of these extra savings, as typically the product is on sale, plus you have the additional savings from the store, and if you add a coupon on top, you get triple the discount!

Even without a special store promotion, you'll see that products from the same company, i.e. laundry and cleaning products from P&G, will be discounted the same weeks. They will return to their regular prices for a few weeks, then go back on sale together. Again, the goal is to get enough laundry soap or dish soap during these sales so you don't have to pay full price in between sales cycles.

Favado shows you when your favorite products go on sale, so that you can purchase them when they are on sale and not have to pay full price in between sales cycles. Over time, you'll learn how much to purchase to last you until the next sale. Simply go to the left sidebar menu and set up your "Favorites" and Favado will filter out the best deals into the "Faves" tab.

Now dig into the app and start following the sale prices for the items you purchase most often!