{Video} How to Use Favado 2.0 on iOS

The Favado 2.0 is now available on iOS. (Coming soon for Android.)

The Favado team pulled together a 'how-to' video to help you find all the great features of the new layout of the app.

In the video, you'll learn to:

  • Sign up or Sign in.
  • Add stores by zip code or location.
  • View trending sales.
  • How to add items to shopping list.
  • How to customize shopping list.
  • Email your list to print coupons from your computer, or print your list to take to the store.
  • Find coupons and sale details.
  • Compare prices at multiple stores.
  • Search for particular items.

Favado 2.0 FAQ

How do I compare prices across stores like in the older version of the app?

From the "View Trending Sales" page, swipe left to get to the "Compare Sales" page. From there you can choose categories, which stores to compare, just like in version 1.0.+.

What do the little icons mean under the prices?

  • The printer icon means there is a printable coupon available for that item.
  • The mobile phone icon means there is a load to card or cash back offer from another mobile app.
  • The newspaper icon means there is a newspaper coupon available for that item.
  • The magazine icon means there is a magazine coupon available for that item.

Click on the product tile to see the 'sale details' page for all the specific coupon information.